King is a Blue Bicolor. He is an absolute sweetheart with a plush coat as soft as a bunny, and his large stunning deep blue eyes that will melt your heart. He is easygoing yet loves to play and follows us wherever we go. He likes grooming, and cuddling and purrs a lot.  He is the best cat friend with your family. He came to us from New York.


Tiffany is a Blue Bicolor.  She is a super sweet girl with a lot of good personality. She is the happiest cat and makes us smile constantly.  She is also a cuddle bug and loves to hang out with anyone. Her purr motor quickly starts up, and it will run non-stop. She has a fantastic light tone to her luxury soft coat and perfect markings. She is a cat you want to snuggle with all day long. She came to us from Los Angeles.

She won the LCWW 2nd Best of Breed  on April 1,2 2023.

Healthy and Happy King & Queen.

Studies have confirmed that parents with a loving temperament can give birth to kittens with good temperament. However, socializing the kittens is also extremely important. We take care of our kittens in all aspects starting from the womb. 

Lovely King 

Lovely Tiffany purring non stop 

Enjoy Grooming + Making Hair Ball

Healthy pregnancy with healthy and strong kittens.

Weighing Tiffany everyday

ROYAL CANIN nutrition kitten food + Oxy Mate prenatal vitamin

Organic Chicken + Heart + Liver + Oxy Mate prenatal vitamin